March [Crockpot] Madness

March [Crockpot] Madness

Crockpot Madness ; Day One
Today was day one (of 31!) for our Crockpot Madness Challenge here at Crock'n CLE! This Idea came to us awhile back, but we wanted to wait for the perfect time to start it - March seemed like a great month, I mean, the first fell on a Monday and I love that synchronization. We picked our Cleveland Pot Pie for our very first meal for a couple reasons; we already had chicken in the refrigerator, we hadn't made it in forever and I was feeling a comfort meal on this chilly day! 
This meal is SO good, y'all. It's the perfect mixture of comfort & flavor and it's so versatile with how you serve it. Tonight we did ours over The Pierogi Lady pierogies and they were so freaking good! We hadn't tried this brand before, but we are all about support local small businesses and this was a great pairing! We came up with the Cleveland Pot Pie in September of 2020 while we were standing in our kitchen brainstorming new Crock'n CLE ideas. Many of our ideas come to us when we are just bantering and rattling off ideas back and forth - and a lot of the time it's when we have our best ones. We really wanted to feature a crockpot dish that screamed Cleveland while also being something the whole family could enjoy. We had talked about doing Pot Pie for the longest time, but never could land on the perfect recipe. Once we thought of the idea to serve it over pierogies for a "Cleveland Spin" we nailed down the recipe real quick, and now it's a favorite in our household & among our customers. 
One of my absolute favorite part of this Crock'n CLE Packet is that it is so simple to make. It literally only uses 2 ingredients for the main dish (chicken & frozen veggies) and there is ZERO prep work with throwing it together! We are usually on the go a lot between our business, jobs outside of the home and 3 kids 8 and younger there is always something going on. Easy dinners are literally one of the only way we keep our sanity around here. One of the things we always mention about our product is how simple they are to put together, and a lot of the time our customers don't realize what we mean until they put it together themselves. 99% of our packets are literally as simple as adding the packet, adding water & adding your protein. THAT'S. IT.
This recipe uses:
2lbs of boneless chicken (breasts or thighs)
    1 Crock'n CLE Packet
      2 cups of water
        1 (16oz) bag of frozen mixed vegetables
          Yep, that's the extent of what you need for this meal. So easy! To start add your packet and 2 cups of water, then add your 2lbs of chicken. Cook on high for 3 hours or low for 5. After the cooking time is up add in your bag of frozen vegetables and cook for one additional hour. We use the last hour to prep whatever side we're having (pierogies, mashed potatoes, egg noodles, biscuits, etc) and then dinner is done. So simple, so delicious & super filling! 
          Let us know down in the comments if you've made Cleveland Pot Pie and how you served it. We love seeing how creative our customers can be! 

          Happy Crock'n!
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          This is absolutely delicious. This is a winner for our family.

          Bonnie Manley

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